So Just What is Chalk Paint?

“So Just What is Chalk Paint™” is a question that is recently starting to pop up. I should have known this because  because our mission is to get real people painting real furniture.  So it would only stand to reason that people that aren’t in our industry wouldn’t know. So here is our answer to their […]

The Hardest Piece We EVER painted

Sometimes we just have to work with what we have! This was truly the hardest piece we ever repurposed. Sometimes these old finishes no matter how great of shape the piece is in are just a bugger to work with. Then to top it off half way through we realized the oops paint I picked […]

Why I Love Poppie’s Furniture Paint Powder

  When I share with potential customers about our new product, Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder, I have to frequently answer the question “ Why should I use Poppie’s instead of a chalk paint I could purchase already mixed and ready to go?” Well, the answer seems like it should be very simple, but it […]

Endless Color Palette

Poppie’s offers you an endless color palette. While many of the ready made colors are quite lovely the color palettes are extremely limited. With the addition of Poppie’s Famous Furniture Paint Powder to any acrylic or latex based paint you have the ability to have any color that you can imagine. You truly have an […]

Amy’s Spray Paint Adventure

There has been tons of buzz recently about spraying chalk paint with powder sprayers. I know because we are doing it too. We have a tank compressor and have sprayed a few things with great results. When we spray our paint that we make with  Poppie’s paint powder it looks like velvet when it’s dry. […]


Tons of people have the talent of taking old things and giving them new life these days. If they didn’t we wouldn’t even be here serving you. However, very few have the skill to take new things and make them look old and rusty! On her blog, The Chelsea Project, Susie Mertl shows us how […]


My 3 TOP COLOR MATCHING TIPS Katelynn wrote in recently inquiring about replicating a particular piece of furniture she saw online. She said  “I want to do this color in the future, “what would I need and how much”?  I am hoping to help her with this but to also leave you all with a […]


SUSIE FOUND BOTH ​STORAGE AND LIGHT IN THIS MAGNIFICENT MAKEOVER Susie from The Chelsea Project never ceases to amaze me with her crazy makeovers! She is the real deal people! This is her lastest makeover featuring Poppie’s Paint Powder. I also spy the ladder as a Poppie’s painted piece as well! To see the entire […]


 As the owner of a Poppie’s Chalk Paint Powder,  I am so excited that chalk paint has made it to the general population finally!!!! Honestly, Chalk Paint had almost a cult type of following for the past 5 years. YIKES!!! It’s great that you can now find it in ready made versions on the shelves […]