Why I Love Poppie’s Furniture Paint Powder™


When I share with potential customers about our new product, Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder™, I have to frequently answer the question, “Why should I use Poppie’s instead of a chalk paint®, I could purchase already mixed and ready to go?”

Well, the answer seems like it should be very simple, but it has a history and a story that needs to be told.

I have always loved painted furniture. Way back to when I was a child I was ReHeirlooming ™ old pieces I pulled from the curb and giving new life to them.  Paint embellishment has always been the main component of my furniture creations. Over the years I have used every brand of paint on the market and none could ever quite meet my rigorous test of durability, cost, the size of container and color assortment.

They would chip where I didn’t want them to, not sand right when distressed, take too many coats to cover and way too long to dry. I tried adding grout ( I have plenty of that around, LORD knows) it was too gritty. I tried adding plaster, it clumped up. There just didn’t seem to be a solution to my paint woos. Then I discovered Chalk Paint®.

Boy, it was love at first stroke. I would be fibbing to say that this premium paint didn’t meet all my romantic shabby paint dreams. I was in love.

For the first time in years, I felt confident that I would be able to turn out a product I was totally proud to put my name on. Then the reality of the cost started settling in. Because I blend so many custom colors for my furnishings, and the premium brands are only in limited colors, I realized the honeymoon was over with my newfound love. I know there are many of you feeling my pain right now. As a good steward over my finances and my business, I couldn’t justify buying 2 or 3 quarts at $40.00 each to mix one cup of paint due to the limited color palette available. “What would I do with all that extra paint”?  This was a pressing issue because they really do last a long, long time.

To settle this problem for me my mad scientist husband, (Poppie) went to work to discover the perfect chalk/mineral paint for me. The one I would be proud to use when creating my custom mosaic furnishings. My precious boy has lost many hours of sleep researching the minerals that go into this quality natural paint product and additionally, just as many hours mixing and testing samples of each blend over and over again.

What I was looking for was the ability to have an endless color palette, little or no sanding or priming, durability, easy distressing, environmentally friendly, the ability to mix as little or much as I needed and low cost. I didn’t ask too much of him now did I? I didn’t want to be committed to a quart of color or a $15.00 sample and still offer the same high-quality work!

Well, I am so pleased to share that while every blend has been great, Poppie’s final formulation is the answer to my dream. It goes on smooth and creamy, adheres with superiority, dries fast, is durable, distresses magnificently and comes in the endless color palette of my imagination. All I have to do now is mix a little Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder™ with a spoon of water then add it to my favorite water-based paint and I have the chalk paint of my dreams.  I can now mix any color I need and make as little or much as I need. I am no longer committed to a quart of color with a high price tag.

I would love to invite you to give Poppie’s a try and hope that you enjoy using Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder™ as much as I do. You’ll no longer be stuck with a quart of color. Additionally, the ease of mixing, the ability to create any color your heart desires, in any quantity you may need, and the great value make Poppie’s Famous RePurposing Paint Powder™ the # 1 choice to transform your old furniture into beautiful new works of art and vintage heirlooms.


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