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I’m Doniele. 

Honestly, I am not really good at writing about myself.  Now give me a blank computer screen and ask me about my kids and I can go to town.  Oh, yea and did I mention I am not photogenic either.   I looked at several and when I say several, I am serious… other bloggers “about me” pages trying to get some kind of idea what to write on this page… yea well you can see how that turned out…So yes back to photogenic… well I looked at there pages…at there “professional” looking photos and think to myself, yes I am totally gonna go invest in that!… right after I get the Twins out of diapers and using the potty…sure thing.  And don’t get me started on how long its taken me to even write anything on this page due to 24/7 twin toddler insanity… oh it will get easier their doc said… when they turn 3 it gets better they say… yea, they lie…


So, I’m 30 something (after 30, I stopped keeping track) & married with 5 kids; Brooklin(8), London & Damien(2.5), Dakota(17) & Ashley(19) ….(3 Bio and 2 Step) … We live in a rural town, in a mini farmette that is a real fixer-upper and basically our little slice of heaven.  It has always been a dream of my husband and me, to have a home that we get to “make our own”.   We are both animal lovers so our house is definitely not shy of critters.  We have a Pony(Dolly), a mini horse(Elsa), 2 mini Ponies(Ellie & Blu), 2 goats(Billy & Frank), 2 cats(Dewey & Hootie) & 2 Rabbits(Rex & Freckles).

My husband and I have owned (2) brick & mortar stores before I finally realized that “yea not what I want to do”.  I have always wanted to be own boss and have my own business but it wasn’t until I ran my own shop that I realized that it just wasn’t me.  It’s boring, to be honest.  At least that is what I thought.  I am sure that there are tons of people out there that LOVE having their own shop and I say,”to each their own.”   I will take sitting behind a computer any day of the week over sitting behind a cash register from 9-5.  Now I do teach classes from time to time mainly because it pulls me out of the “painters block” that I frequently find myself in…  Oh, the beauty of having toddlers. 

So how did Poppie’s come about you ask?!  Well, check out Poppie’s Story  …Ok fine, I will tell you my version… So in 2013 when I had my 1st shop, I met the most AMAZING woman… really, I will never forget it, it was like it was yesterday… we both were doing this holiday event(total waste of time) and she was kinda set up diagonal from me… She had these crazy blond pigtails, eccentric colorful outfit & she was walking around her setup making this quirky facebook video about her brand new product, “Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Powder”…I just knew that I had to know her.  From that day on she has been one of my closest friends and like a 3rd “mom.”

I was one of “Poppie’s” 1st Retailers.  Wow… back in 2013, man time flies when you’re having fun! So since you have already read “Poppie’s Story”, then I don’t have to go into all those details and I can skip to 2017… When Nancy Olliver (Founder Of Poppie’s Famous Products & My 3rd Mom) decided that she wanted to move on and broaden her horizons… live her life on her own terms 🙂 … so she had approached me with an opportunity to carry on Poppie’s Mission (Real People, Painting Real Furniture) and of course I don’t think I could imagine letting “Poppie’s” go to anyone else.  Not to mention, I know the brand like the back of my hand.  And so here we are… Welcome to my page…My Life… I have decided since Poppie’s is about “Real People, Painting Real Furniture” then I am gonna keep it Real… and hopefully, paint lots of furniture!  #paintersblockisareal

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