Amy’s Paint Sprayer Adventure

There has been tons of buzz recently about spraying chalk paint® with paint sprayers. I know because we are doing it too. We have a tank compressor and have sprayed a few things with great results. When we spray our paint that we make with  Poppie’s Paint Powder™ it looks like velvet when it’s dry. We have several more pieces to do and plan on getting them done real soon. I don’t know about you, but when a company is coming to town it always gives us lots of motivation and I have some family coming in next month from the west coast, but what I really want to tell you about is my friend Amy and a recent experience she had after chalk painting her kitchen cabinets with Poppies.

So My girl Amy has probably chalk painted more pieces of furniture with Poppie’s than any person on earth.  She is an expert!!!

Well, recently she ran into a little social media scuff with some people for painting her cabinets with Poppie’s in her own home. She has done several for customers and always has a great result and she thought it’s finally time to take the plunge and do her own. So this is how the story unfolded as she shared it with me.

She removed and prepped all the doors by cleaning them and followed that by applying a coat of de-glosser.

She then sprayed 2 coats of DIY chalk paint that she made by mixing Poppie’s Paint Powder™ and  Behr Interior latex without primer using her Wagner Home Décor Sprayer. After they were dry she oh so gently wiped them down with a 220 grit sandpaper because she loves a very smooth finish. Notice she wasn’t sanding, just very very lightly rubbing them with the paper. And for a sealer, she selected  General Finishes Enduro-Var Water-Based Urethane and applied 2 coats.

Here is the beautiful result. She was so excited she posted them on Facebook tagging us and that was when the fun began. Of course, several people commented how lovely her kitchen looked but then the naysayers started. She continued to get harassed on social media and decided she would come back at them with both spray guns at full force.

They told her that her paint wouldn’t hold up…

And it wouldn’t survive Duct Tape…

Firstly they told her that her paint wouldn’t hold up and said It would scratch right off. She took the challenge and WAMMO just look at this video!!!!! Then they said, “I bet duct tape would pull your paint it right off”. NOT!!!! I am telling you, Amy knows her Poppies! “ I know my Poppie’s will hold up to scratching and duct tape”. So she put her cat claws to the test! Meow!!!!! Check her out!!!
So if you have had reservations about doing your kitchen cabinets, we would love to encourage you to take the plunge. As you can see they will be plenty durable. You can pick yourself up one of the fabulous Wagner sprayers just like Amy uses right here, as well as the Enduro top coat she used too.  I bet we could even get her to do a Facebook live to answer any questions you may have if you email us.

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