Is Poppie's more expensive to use then read made chalk paint? 


Poppie's is extremely economical versus boutique ready-made paints. Many of our clients use wall paint they already have, purchase oops paints and even use craft acrylic paints. 


Is Poppie's safe around my children and animals?  


100% All Natural Poppie's is made from minerals from the earth.


How does using Poppie's help the environment? 


Using Poppie's helps to keep billions of pounds of discarded furniture out of landfills each year.


Do I have to mix up a whole quart? 


No! You can mix as little or as much as you need.   Small batches = no waste. You are never committed to a quart color again.


Will Poppie's clump up like the plaster of paris or other DIY recipes I have used before? 


No!  Poppies mixes easily and smoothly every single time.


What is the shelf life of Poppie's once it is mixed? 


We have now had batches that we have had on our personal shelf for over 7 years now. 


What surfaces can I use Poppie's on? 


Poppie’s Adheres to wood, glass, laminate, plastic, metal, clay, and even rock.


Do I need to strip, prime, and/or sand during prep? 


Most pieces can be painted without prior stripping, sanding or priming* if using a high-quality paint.


How many coats does Poppie's take? 


Poppies offers you Superior Coverage for just about any surface in 1-3 coats according to the style you are trying to achieve, usually with no primer**.


Will Poppie's wear off with time? 


Your painted finish will be extremely durable, and long lasting when properly sealed with a wax or water-based poly-acrylic.


What type of paint can I use to mix Poppie's with?


Poppies is very versatile; you can mix it with any latex or acrylic paint – the possibilities are endless & consistency of color every time.


Is it easy to distress when I use Poppie's? 


Yes! Your pieces will sand with ease when distressing.


Is Poppie's quick drying? 


Yes, very quick. Your first coat is dry in no more then 15-20 minutes but his may vary according to temperature*. 


Will I have to use all the Poppie's I mix up right away? 


Oh, Heck NO!! You can store what you have mixed for later use totally unlike DIY recipes. We have had batches that have been shelf stable for 7 years!

*It is recommended that all painting and waxing be done in a well-ventilated area and with a mask.

** Every piece of furniture is different. We recommend a coat of primer if your furniture has an oil-based enamel or has been painted several times.  Please use discretion when deciding if the project you are working on needs sanding and priming. If there are sharp edges protruding it is recommended that you always sand these off. We do not recommend paint and primer combos for the nicest finish.