I Felt Short-Changed Today…

Well, I started out wanting to write a post and complain about a situation I had today where I paid for something and didn’t feel as if I got any value from it. I started trying to convince myself that It may have been worth it.

I was feeling bad and cheated, let down. Maybe I expected too much. These were my thoughts initially, but this isn’t how I like to roll.

So I better give you a little backstory to this to understand my mindset at this very moment. This has been a wonderfully hard year so far. I have had growth that I didn’t even have any idea that I needed and believe me it’s a lot of work.

As of late, the LORD has been working on me in many areas of my life and it just keeps coming like snowballs in a good old fashion snowball fight. One after the other plopping me right upside my big redhead!

He has shown me how to change small things, like my words and thoughts, which are making big differences in my life and those around me. He is guiding me by the hand to walk by faith and not by sight. There are things that make no sense at all to me, but I am trusting him and moving forward in faith and know that this is part of the process to be obedient.

I so long to hear his plans and purpose for my life and am determined to lead a Spirit-led life. The past few days he has been dealing with me about my level of Gratitude.

Honestly, I have to admit to you all that it has sucked and not just a little bit. I won’t go into details now and will share at some other time but I am grateful beyond belief that I continually walk in His grace and forgiveness.

I am so rich, beyond my wildest dreams already. I have been so blessed; have had so many opportunities it’s nothing short of amazing. I have been surrounded by amazing people and have had the privilege to call many of them my very best and trusted friends. And for this, I am tremendously grateful.

While that’s the great news, the downside if there is one, is a responsibility to keep growing, so I am committed to keep raising the bar by continuing to grow which led to the position I found myself in earlier today and so back to my initial statement. The incredible people I surround myself with always add tremendous value for their clients and this has grown to be my norm.

So when I was so disappointed in a purchase I made, I prayed, “LORD you have to show me what the blessing is in this” because I just couldn’t imagine giving so little. And the blessing is that he revealed to me, how absolutely incredibly I have been blessed. That I have taken so much for granted and exceptionalism has become my norm.

Wow!!!! What an awesome God I serve. He turned my thoughts of feeling cheated, lack and scarcity over the peanuts I thought I lost into a tremendous richness and abundance for what I already have. I would say that I surely made a great investment today wouldn’t you?

I am so grateful that He is always right on time, meets me right where I am and always knows just what I need and works all thing’s to my greater good because I love HIM and am called according to his purpose! Being a follower of Christ isn’t just about going to church, it is about a personal relationship. The deepest and most fulfilling relationship I have ever had and it gets better each and every day! I can’t imagine living life any other way.

Again he shows me“ It doesn’t matter how broken you are, what really matter’s is how you put the pieces back together” Praise JESUS.


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5 Stars!

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Gave it as a gift and the recipient was very pleased!

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Such an awesome business! Love this idea too. I’m a busy DIYer so I always live products that make my chalk painting easier!

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I received a sample to try. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but after using my sample, I was quite impressed. I will definitely continue to use.


Great Stuff!

Poppie's provides inspiration for Do It Yourselfers. Get the Trendy Chalkpaint look for Less with Poppies Paint Powder! Superior Coverage, All Natural DIY Chalk Paint Powder & Endless Color Palette https://www.poppiespaintpowder.com

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