Is Chalk Paint® Right For You?


As the owner of a Poppie’s Chalk Paint Powder™,  I am so excited that chalk paint has made it to the general population finally!!!!

Honestly, Chalk Paint had almost a cult type of following for the past 5 years. YIKES!!!

It’s great that you can now find it in ready-made versions on the shelves of Walmart, Lowes and your craft stores. Along with the new general awareness of this awesome time-saving product people are beginning to ask a whole bunch of questions like;

“So Just What is Chalk Paint®? Is it REALLY worth the High price tag and why is it right for me”? This my friend just tickles me pink because frankly there’s nothing I like talking about better than chalk-painting except Jesus.

Chalk Paint® is a name given by Annie Sloan, an English designer, to a decorative paint she developed 20 years ago. However, all the rest of us chalk- painting furniture like to think of it as a broad category for a type of decorative finish that we achieve from paint that has minerals in it, to give it a matte, smooth velvety finish.

Chalk Painting, along with Milk Painting,  has been around for centuries. They weren’t just invented 20 years ago. However, Annie Sloan’s paint was packaged and marketed then and was the first of its kind to hit the retail market and she trademarked the name.

Is Chalk Paint® Worth The Price?

Well, to honestly answer that there are a few things that I need to share with you first. The difference between painting a piece of furniture with plain latex or acrylic and a chalk type paint is that the chalk-paint will greatly reduce the need for sanding and priming. The amount of time and effort you spend creating a beautiful piece of furniture is at least cut in half. Then consider these added benefits. It wipes back to show the base color for a distressed look, sands off easily and smoothly and adheres like a champ. However, because the minerals cause the paint to become porous you need to seal chalk type paints with a wax or poly of some sort to maintain that lasting finish we all are looking for.

So just like Annie Sloan, Poppie’s Paint Powder™ was invented to solve a need we had. It is our solution to the high price tag on Chalk Paint® and all the other boutique brands available on the market today. You simply mix our Poppie’s Paint Powder™ into any water-based paint and it gives it all the amazing benefits of the high priced boutique paints, without the limited color palettes they offer the consumer. You can also mix as little or as much of Poppie’s that you need and you aren’t stuck with a quart of color.

I hope this clears up the question of “So Just What is Chalk Paint® anyway?” I would love to hear your comments over on our Facebook page

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  1. Ashley Turns says

    Thanks for letting us know that chalk paint cuts down on the need for priming or sanding. My husband has just finished building some new custom furniture for us and we have been wondering what material we should use for making them look nice. We will definitely be using chalk paint since that means we won’t have to worry about doing anymore sanding or priming.

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