When Is It Time to Restore My Furniture?

Your home isn’t just the house you’re in, but it’s also the many things that go inside it. This includes your furniture, which often does more to make a home feel like home than anything else. Eventually, there will come a time when your furniture starts to get worn down. Here are four considerations for […]

Save Big With Poppie’s

The Savings are tremendous. We know that most chalk painters have a commitment to quality and that is why you use the best product your money can buy to create the optimum finish available for your creations. We get it.   We are also furniture artisans and have been long before it was trendy to be. Excellence […]

No Retail Shop? That’s OK!

Poppie’s Paint Pros Have It All! COULD ANYTHING BE MORE FUN? What could be more fun than doing what you love, teaching valuable skill and making excellent money to do it? Well maybe being independently wealthy at birth, but for “Real People Painting Real Furniture™” this is certainly the gig of your Dreams for sure! […]

Question…. Would it be OK to use Poppie’s to revamp Kitchen Cabinets?

Beth wrote in on Facebook and asked us “Would it be ok to use Poppie’s to revamp kitchen cabinets”? The Answer is Yes. Painting your wood cabinets with Poppie’s is a wonderful way to give your kitchen a brand new look at a FRACTION of the cost.   The procedure to repurpose your cabinets is simple […]

Are You on a Roller Coaster Ride?

8/4/2014 Life is just like a roller coaster! Sometimes you are up, sometimes down and sometimes just going round and round! I did a PowerPoint presentation yesterday for my speaking engagement at Emerge Event 2014 where I am going to be presenting about starting and building our Poppie’s business and lost it. I started redoing it again […]