So Just What is Chalk Paint®?


“So Just What is Chalk Paint®” is a question that is recently starting to pop up. I should have known this because our mission is to get real people painting real furniture.  So it would only stand to reason that people that aren’t in our industry wouldn’t know.
So here is our answer to their question.

Chalk Paint® is a name given by Annie Sloan, an English designer, for a decorative paint she developed 20 years ago. However, all the rest of us chalk painting furniture like to think of it as a broad category for a type of decorative finish that we achieve from paint that has minerals in it to give it a matte, smooth velvety finish. Chalk Painting, along with Milk Painting,  has been around for centuries. They weren’t just invented 20 years ago. However, Annie Sloan’s paint was packaged and marketed then and was the first of its kind to hit the retail market.

The difference between painting a piece of furniture with plain latex or acrylic and a chalk type paint is that the later will reduce the need for sanding and priming. It wipes back to show the base for a distressed look, sands off easily and smoothly and adheres like a champ. However, because the minerals cause the paint to become porous you need to seal chalk type paints with a wax or poly of some sort to maintain that lasting finish we all are looking for.

So just like Annie Sloan, Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder™ was developed to solve a need we had. It is our solution to the high price tag on Chalk Paint® and all the other boutique brands available on the market today. You simply mix our Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder™ into any water-based paint and it gives it all the amazing benefits of the high priced boutique paints, without the limited color palettes they offer the consumer. You can also mix as little or as much of Poppie’s that you need and you aren’t stuck with a quart of color.

I hope this clears up the question of “So Just What is Chalk Paint® anyway?”


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    • Nancy Olliver says

      Hi Jacki, well that’s actually a secret; what I can tell you is that it’s 2 ingredients, both all natural food grade minerals. One is imported. Having knowledge of my competitors and other diy chalk paint recipes, I can assure you their is nothing like it. 😊 I hope I answered your question! Let me know if I can answer anymore for you!

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