Living the Life We Dream of Isn’t Always Easy

I love this Rumi quote.

It always makes me think about being a creative business owner.

Sadly, living that life we dream of,  isn’t always as easy as just saying a quote like this to create the life we long for. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that each and every one of us is filled with  the sparks of greatness that will enable us to do and be whatever we put our mind to.

What I am really saying is that many of us have really big dreams and don’t feel like we have or are achieving them up to this point in our lives. The feeling of underachieving or failure that you feel is a big stumbling block on the road to success for you if it’s what you concentrate on. Believe me, I have huge dreams too so I understand!
I am asking you to give your self some grace. There are so many factors that have to come together for any and every level of success to be achieved. Far too much to talk about for a post here.  I want to encourage you to actively focus on your mind’s eye, on just exactly what it is that you desire.

Keep it in focus and make small little steps toward it each and every day that you can.

One of the things that have enhanced my life beyond measure has been to learn to enjoy my creative journey. Yes, I am serious.

Every step and attempt at something changes my course just a wee tiny bit and always brings me closer to where I am ultimately going. I pray you can enjoy your journey too just as I do. Sometimes the journey gives us new dreams and that’s super fun too. I had to develop the habit of not getting what I haven’t achieved yet, keep me from getting what I desire.



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