Make Heirloom Gifts for Nothing

Now as we roll into the holiday season I know it is met with mixed emotions for many. While we want to give, give give, sometimes the budget won’t allow us to. I have always believed that we have everything we need to do whatever we need to do within our grasp right now.  Here is a great gift that you probably have everything right in your cabinet to make right now.

Step 1. Gather a pretty plate, old candle base, and some E6000 glue.
Step 2. Dust off the candle base and then turn it upside down.
Step 3. Apply a bead of glue around the rim of the base, center the plate on the candle base, use something to weigh the plate down and let it dry overnight.

Congratulations, you have just ReHeirloomed a fabulous gift that anyone would be thrilled to receive. If you are feeling extra ambitious you could paint the base with Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder as I have done. Another family favorite is to use a piece of china that was passed down from a family member. This is one way to get those old pieces out of the attic and back into the hands of friends and family where they will be re-loved for years to come.



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