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Katelynn wrote in recently inquiring about replicating a particular piece of furniture she saw online. She said  “I want to do this color in the future, “what would I need and how much”? 
I am hoping to help her with this but to also leave you all with a few tips to replicating the color of pieces you fall in love with while searching Pinterest and Instagram. I know that the task can seem quite daunting while you are immersed in a sea of painted furniture splendor.
But honestly speaking, by following my 3 easy tips on color matching and grabbing our Free eBook on basic painting techniques, even if this is your very first piece, there are very few things that you can not master after just a few go-rounds with your paint brush. For more on beginner techniques, I highly recommend that you pick up our free eBook to get you started right here.  

 Color Matching


There are several ways to match up colors that I have used over the years, but because of technology, it is easier than ever to match up that perfect color. When I am working on a replication of a color the first thing I do is download the pic to my trusty old smartphone. This totally avoids the guessing game of “was it greener or bluer”? After painting furniture for decades, believe me, you get tired of hoping it was the right color, only to get home and see it was way off.


In the chest I am featuring here, my client asked me to match the color from a catalog she had. Yikes, talk about old school right? But it worked. Compare this to the finished piece at the top and you will see it is a perfect match. so bring the page or catalog along with you to the home improvement store and pull a bunch of color swatches.
Remember that the light in the store is going to be different than at your home. You may want to take those cards home and look at it in the light of the room it will be displayed in before purchasing. Additionally,  If you are using a dark finishing wax you have to be sure to allow for that by picking a color that doesn’t appear as dark as you want the finished product, but has all the same undertones because you will be putting the dark wax on for depth.

When I first meet with this client I was very nervous that I was not going to be able to meet her needs. She kept telling me she wanted it to match her rug. So thank goodness for smartphones and catalogs I was thinking. I took snapshots of the rug. And it worked out perfectly.

I hope these tips will help you to feel more confident while on the search for the perfect color. Experiment with different lines of paint. The most awesome thing about using Poppie’s Paint Powder™ to create your own chalk paint is that it allows you to create a masterpiece in any color your heart desires. You truly have an unlimited color palette at a fraction of the cost of ready-made paints.

Paint Your World Pretty With Poppie’s!

God Bless, Nancy


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