Gilders Paste Wax


Gilders paste Wax has been our secret weapon for many years. We are finally sharing it with you. It can be applied on almost any surface and dries hard in a matter of seconds. Transform your old furniture hardware in seconds for only pennies or apply thinned  with a brush as a glaze. Please select the color that you want from the color options.  

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Use GILDERS® paste wax On:

  • Metal – Wrought Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Alloys etc…
  • Wood – Moldings, Railings, Furniture, Guilding Restoration, Picture Frames, Miter Joints etc…
  • Ceramics – Planters, Terra Cotta etc…Resin – Castings, Plastic etc…
  • Wax – Candles etc…
  • Gourds

Apply GILDERS® paste wax :

  • With finger, sponge, toothbrush, paintbrush or cloth in a rubbing motion or use other creative mediums to produce a unique finish.
  • Layered on top of one another or mixed to create different finishes or an endless color palette.
  • Thin out with paint thinner to transform the highly concentrated GILDERS™ paste wax for brushing, sponging, staining, washing or spray painting.
  • Drying time varies depending on substrate and surface preparation, approximately 60 minutes to the touch on dry debris free surfaces and 12 hours for complete cure time. If polishing or burnishing is required allow 12 hours drying time.
  • Polishing the metallic GILDERS® paste wax with a soft cloth will produce a gilded finish substituting gold, silver, bronze leaf; nonmetallic pastes will be shiny. If left unpolished the finish will be semi-gloss or matte depending on the color.

A little GILDERS® paste wax goes a long way:

  • 1 oz (30 ml by volume) container covers over 30 square feet.
  • 3.5 oz (100 ml by volume) container covers over 100 square feet.

Additional information

Weight .095 lbs
Gilders Paste Wax Colors

African Bronze, Antique Gold, Apricot, Black, Bronze, Celtic Bronze, Cream, Coral Red, Copper, Canary Yellow, Damson, Foundry Bronze, Gold, German Silver, Iris Blue, Inca Gold (Metallic), Orange, Pinotage, Patina, Rich Gold, Rust, Silver, Slate, Sandalwood, Tulip Red, Verdigris, Violet, White

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