Question: How long will the paint last mixed with Poppie’s?

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We are constantly running into people who ask the question, ” how long will my paint be good after mixing it with Poppie’s Paint Powder™. ”

This is a great question and we understand the reasoning behind it.

Many repurposers and new furniture painters are looking for the BEST DIY recipe they can find and have heard tons of fellow repurposers singing the praises of mixing their own chalk-paint with Plaster of Paris (POP).  They choose POP because it is readily available, cheap and recommended by others.

The sad thing is that many times they find their piece didn’t turn out at all as they envisioned and the unused paint will glob up and the would-be savings is out the window.

So it only makes sense that they would hesitantly ask “how long will Poppie’s be good for”? and what will the finish look like.

We have had Poppie’s mixed with Valspar paint for 32 months. It’s the picture above. This table was painted with that jar above.  So we can confidently tell you 32 months+.

We are so confident that you will LOVE Poppie’s so much that once you use it, it will become your Go-To DIY Paint Product or we will cheerfully REFUND your money.  Write me at







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