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I was making a post in my favorite Facebook group today Southern Junkers and was reminded of the many really cool things I have been blessed to have done in my lifetime up to this point. Even though the guy I worked for was a total slave driver I had the opportunity to work at a Plantation in Georgia in historic restoration. It was an amazing opportunity to do something that very few people ever get to do.

I got to recreate wallpaper from 1790 and rebuild fireplaces. I learned about the Federal period and the types of architecture and textiles of this time in history. I helped plant an entire block of camalia tress and saw a whole litter of baby boars running and growing every day, just to mention a few of the wonderful experiences. Even though the conditions were not always ideal, It was magical none the less.

Many times things that we get to experience in life are so much more of a blessing then we immediately see because the circumstances or people we are with are not ideal.

If you can remove yourself from the circumstances what is something that you have done that you just totally loved doing or that has blessed you in a magical way? I would love to hear about your magical experiences too.

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Hi! I am Nancy Olliver! Poppie's Wife, mother of 2 grown kids and a couple grand Girls. I am a Nurse, Artist and Entrepreneur and Founder of Poppie's Famous Products. Yep, I know it's a bunch of hats to wear for sure, but if you LOVE what you do, you never work a day in your life. I love to praise Jesus, write, bake cakes and mentor Creatives like myself.

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