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The Savings are tremendous. We know that most chalk painters have a commitment to quality and that is why you use the best product your money can buy to create the optimum finish available for your creations.

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We get it.  

We are also furniture artisans and have been long before it was trendy to be. Excellence in product outcome has always been the driving force behind our work and is the foundation of Poppie’s today.

However, since we are now able to offer you a very high-quality product for a reasonable price it is no longer necessary to have to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of paint to be able to mix a cup of a custom color.

Poppie’s is about helping “Real People Painting Real Furniture” find alternative solutions to their home decorating needs.

Join the movement today. 

Mix as Little or as Much as you Want

  On most occasions, while repurposing you only need a small amount of color to complete a project.

This is one of the benefits of chalk painting furniture. It usually takes far less paint then using conventional acrylic paint.

Like baking, when you follow the Poppies recipe you can mix any amount large or small to fit your needs.

No longer are you committed to a quart of color. 

Why choose Poppie’s Famous Chalk Paint Powder instead of Chalk Paint?

Poppie’s offers you an endless color palette. 

While many of the ready-made colors are quite lovely the color palettes are extremely limited. With the addition of Poppie’s Famous Repurposing Paint Powder to any acrylic or latex based paint, you have the ability to have any color that you can imagine.

You truly have an endless color palette.

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Hi! I am Nancy Olliver! Poppie's Wife, mother of 2 grown kids and a couple grand Girls. I am a Nurse, Artist and Entrepreneur and Founder of Poppie's Famous Products. Yep, I know it's a bunch of hats to wear for sure, but if you LOVE what you do, you never work a day in your life. I love to praise Jesus, write, bake cakes and mentor Creatives like myself.

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