Susie asked, “Do I really need to prep with chalk paint?”


We got an awesome question today from Susie, The Plaster Lady in Nottingham UK.

Susie asked “Hi Nancy, I’m thinking of painting a table with the powder you sent me. Have not had time until now so this is going to be my first try iiiggghh. Nervous. I have a question and hope you can answer me, please. Everywhere I have looked for inspiration and advice they say that with chalk paint you don’t have to prepare (sanding etc.) the piece you are going to work on. Is that really true? Sounds unlikely but so many people say that so thought best ask you (the expert) before I start doing something stupid. Thanks for your time. Susie

Well, Susie, the answer is yes and no. So I will look to dispel the myths surrounding this topic for you.

As you have read one of the advantages of using a chalk type paint is that there is less prep required. This is true to an extent.

If your piece of furniture is in good condition you can just give it a quick cleaning as described in our “chalk painting basics eBook” and start painting. However, there are many occasions when you would want to use a primer or sand your piece. Poppie and I like a smooth classic finish and so we do tend to sand most pieces prior to painting. Nothing crazy but an all over light sanding. The present trend seems to be in a rustic rougher finish and in that case sanding isn’t necessary.  Any latex or acrylic paint mixed with your Poppie’s will cover in usually 2 coats. Again people who like the trendy salvage look only use a single coat.

We never advertise that you don’t have to sand, strip or prime because while this is possible, there are many times when it is not. Honestly, the bottom line is that each piece of repurposed furniture is different and will need different prep. Some are painted with many coats of enamel paint and some are bare wood.   Each re-loved piece sets before us a new and exciting adventure into the world of chalk painting.

One thing that we will guarantee though, that when you paint with Poppie’s for the first time it will certainly be “Love at First Stroke™’.

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