When Is It Time to Restore My Furniture?

Your home isn’t just the house you’re in, but it’s also the many things that go inside it. This includes your furniture, which often does more to make a home feel like home than anything else. Eventually, there will come a time when your furniture starts to get worn down. Here are four considerations for helping you determine if it’s time to restore your furniture.

The Upholstery Is Cracked

Cracked upholstery is a good sign that you should restore your furniture. Cracking is often an indicator of wear on the part of the piece, and it tends to happen most often to fake leather materials. Reupholstering allows you to extend the life of your furniture even after it begins to fall apart, especially if you go on to work at prolonging its life span afterward.

Your Furniture Has Been Outside Lately

Outside furniture may be built to last, but that doesn’t mean it’s invulnerable. Some furniture materials hold up better than others against the rain, sunshine, snow, and wind. However, there comes a time when even the hardiest and most well-cared-for furniture is going to need restoring. When something begins to fall apart at the seams or grows mold, it’s time.

Things Start to Smell Bad

While a stale or musty odor isn’t exactly uncommon in older furniture and can be fixed with a bit of sprucing up, a terrible smell coming from furniture often means something has gone bad. Likely, this means the fabric or upholstery on a piece of furniture has begun to rot. If you want to continue using the piece in the future, restoration is definitely needed at this stage. Rot can easily spread to the frame of wooden furniture.

It’s Cheaper Than Buying New

This factor isn’t about signs that furniture needs to be restored, but it’s about whether you should restore something in the first place. Many times it’s simply cheaper to buy an entirely new piece of furniture than to spend the time, effort and money fixing things up. If there’s a reason you want to keep the original piece, such as it’s worth a lot of money or holds special significance, then restoration is your best option. Otherwise, it’s smart to consider the cost of replacement early on.

Finding out when you should restore a piece of furniture can be tricky because the answer isn’t always obvious. If you think there might be something in need of fixing in your living room, hopefully, these four considerations will help streamline the decision-making process.

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